Cheers Akshay Kumar :)

I am sure you may have also noted an upsurge of posts meming #AkshayKumar for his best actor National Award. Though nobody has actually said that but I guess they want to say that Akshay got this award for being a Hindu. It should have actually gone to ManoJ Bajpayee or Aamir in Dangal, if Manoj and Amir are other two legitimate contenders then award has gone to the right hand.

I think Akshay was at his best in #Rustom. He totally out-compete others here. I loved Manoj Bajpai in #Aligarah, but Aligarah was more of a director’s movie, secondly camerawork was par excellence, role generated immediate sympathy for the character, in fact most of the people who liked Aligarh were already actual sympathizers of the character, many of these aspects helped in looking Manoj Bajpai’s portrayal of Siraj brilliant. No doubt Manoj was great but then he was not at his best and borrowing from #MichaelPortillo who was chief of Chair of judge for Booker Award when White Tiger won it, he said White Tiger was “”a book on the cutting edge”, set apart by its originality, which managed to “knock [his] socks off”.” So similarly to me Manoj performance in Aligarah failed to knock [my] socks off.

Same goes to Amir’s performance in Dangal, good, we all know method acting, I remember an interview of Piyush Mishra or Nawajduddin, I don’t remember that now who said that but when they were asked about rehearsal or practice for roles in Bollywood, they laughingly said in Bollywood they go to Gym for practice; so yes Amir really worked  hard for his role in Dangal but there was nothing so great about his performance, we have seen him in better roles. Dangal as a movie was a great filmy drama, a good comedy, a 200 crore movies and all that but only performances that stood out in the movies came from side artists, especially the young Geeta Phogat yes Zaira Wasim, she was great in her role (she won national award for supporting actor, she was truly awesome) or the cousin brother or in fact Amir’s wife in the movie.

Now see Rustom. Why was Akshay great? First he completely played down his stardom to suit the role. Losing down stardom is not that easy in Bollywood; See how miserably Shahrukh failed to do that in Dear Zindagi. Not only losing but even displaying stardom is also not that easy, I think Shahrukh failed in the role of Shahrukh in Fan and that’s why that movie was a flop.

Akshay very nicely managed to play down his stardom for this role. What I mean by stardom over here is that in Bollywood, every ‘hero’ has a personal style (aura)  heroism. A star in Bollywood has his own style, a signature that he carries in all his roles. It is not easy to drop that.  A good example of successfully dropping stardom is chak De.

I think Akshay completely played down his stardom to fit into this role. I don’t remember him ever performing role of such a controlled personality. His usual genre is flamboyance, outward, #khiladi type… #RowdyRathode, in fact even in #AirLift he is flamboyant, outward personality, role of Rustom is completely different from his usual roles and he was in total control of his performance. Wikipedia says he won this award for both; Air Lift as well for Rustom. I think he totally deserved it for both. As I said Airlift is still usual Akshay Kumar but Rustom is not.

So far the correctness of the movie Rustom goes I think those arguments do not make any sense.  Rustom managed to be a very entertaining movie though there was no reason for it to be. Earlier Nanavati movie, Sunil Dutt wala failed in Box office. Rustom managed a box office success as well. Therefore, Akshay totally deserved this award and people should stop bringing their issues with modi government in everything.

Now this is not the first time when I am seeing this sort of hindu moslem angle in Bollywood star wars. I remember reading many article from hindutva side cheering up for Hritik Roshan after he emerged as a huge star viz a viz Khans in early 2000. However I don’t remember Akshay doing anything in recent debates that could have irked liberals in India. Last I remember was he making strong comments against those Bangalore molesters?? Why that would irk anyone?

Anyway Congratulation to Akshay Kumar, I really liked you in both those roles but sir time to make another Khiladi, Khiladion ka Khiladi se bhi tagda wala.


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