A Short Post on Internet 

So Dhoni lost his last match as captain.

There is nothing shameful about it but yesterday so many of my friends posted on how triumphant his “last” inning as captain was. Just a while back  i realised that i have not seen any post on the final outcome of this match so i had to do a lil Google search to find out the final result.

Why nobody posted the results.

Obviously people are free to post whatever they want to post. Still Why ??

Was this a willful avoidance of not posting or sharing that doesn’t get along with their own stance or liking!!

This way am i wrong if i say that if you rely on your Facebook wall to get news; i read somewhere that Facebook has become a prime source of news for many people, so this way you will never see the sort of news that you don’t want to see.

Is it correct to say that internet is connecting the world and liberating people from their own prejudices or orthodoxy or is it that internet is actually “confirming” peoples prejudices and liking and thereby making them feel as if the truth is what they feel or know or like.

Thus If you are a Trump supporter then you only see those feeds that support Trump and never the other kinds.

Is this the reason behind this growing intolerance (Modi jee has nothing to do with my use of intolerance here) and rigidity around our world!!

I think internet with use of these wares that traces your likes and dislikes push you only towards what you want to see. this way all of us are only seeing what we want to see. people are being locked in their cocoon and there is nothing new about it.

Most of us in india hang out with our own caste (liberal or leftist is a caste in india) people only. World is truly becoming a global village and here i agree with what Ambedkar said that Villages were cesspool of cruelty, caste prejudices and communalism…..

World is now a global village. 

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