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हरेक इंसान वर्ण से ब्राह्मण नहीं हो सकता है
जनम तो सकता है ब्राह्मण
लेकिन वरण नहीं कर सकता है

What do I mean by this verse!! Let me elaborate. I coined this verse after my yet another attempt to launch an intellectual conversation collapsed on the face of a spiritual butter chicken  masala that my friends have eaten.

The moment my friend spoke of butter chicken, all other friends jumped over it and here began an elaborate information sharing (no not discussion) on who ate what and went where  …. this whole set of conversation never went beyond information sharing. It was simply revolving around, yahan gayen to ye kha liye, wahan gaye wo to kha liye…. that’s all.

Obviously I also like eating and I like good food. But if I am sitting on a dinner table, and when chicken Tikka masala comes, I will in all probability ask if everyone knows that Tikka masala was invented by Bangladeshi’s cooks in london.

I think it is wrong to presume that everyone will be intellectually inclined towards abstract talks. For majority of the people talk itself is not an event, it must serve a purpose higher than only talk. Like it must share information, must have an agenda for implementation.

If I go little vulgar, for them, talk is like sex. It must serve a purpose higher than the act itself, like reproduction, a rationalisation like its a biological need, even martial obligations. Sex just for the fun of sex is to be shunned. Those who do that are sluts, like those people who talk just for the sake of fun of talk are called bakchod.

But if you see one of the thing about brahmans were talking. What else are mantra or shraaps are except pure words.

Traditionally a brahmin was not supposed work for any consideration. He was tp live on daan and dakshina. In fact a brahmin was usually supposed to live on biksha. I remember reading that brahmin ko yagya karwana chahiye, yagya karna nahi chahiye.

Earlier I used to believe that only few people are capable to abstract intellectual conversation and I used to feel I am special because I can do that.  But then I was made feel bad for such thinking. It was branded as elitist, brahminical prejudice and all other blah blah and I was made to believe that no everyone is capable of doing everything. Ot is just a matter of opportunities and guidance. But thats such a fraud.

Human beings are not similar in their varna. Not that one varna is better than others. Brahmin is meant to represent head, kshtriya hand, vaishya udar, and shudra leg. Now only an idiot will think leg have lesser value than head for a functional human body. So there are four varna and when when vyvastha is made in accordance with varna then it is varna vyvastha. A detailed post will follow. But for now….

Only those people who are brahmin by varna (varna comes from the root varan, chose, character…) not necessarily by birth, only they will like such conversation. Even in classroom while teaching I have experienced some people whatever you do they will never attempt to think critically. They are simply not meant for such inclination. You tell them, you do this, read that, memorize that, they are best in that but if you ask them to think critcally and they start getting depressed!!

Those who are shudra by varna, they can not get involved in critical conversation, their character is made for serving… they cannot challenge existing knowledge.

Same way a person who is by varna kshtriya will be bored such abstract conversation unless there is an immediate agenda of implementation. Vaishya bhkatibhav se baaton ko sun lega…

Magar brahminical taste for abstract conversation, that’s meant for brahmin only and again brahmin by varna not by jaatee (meaning janma…)

So end of the post.






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