“Except him who brings to Allah a clean heart”

The Mask is one of the first full conscious ‘normal’ Hollywood movies that I remember watching. Earlier I had watched some of the Hong Kong stuffs, Bruce Lee movies and obviously Jurassic Park!!  In The Mask movie, Jim Carry wrote an article in a newspaper on something like “Good Guy always finishes last”. Now that thing stayed with me.

Then again I remember reading a vyngya in Kadambini, a Hindi Magazine. Does anyone read Kadambini anymore? [1]. That Vyangya began by asserting that there are two kinds of people in this world, murkha (fools) or be-Imaan (dishonest, corrupt!!) if you are not murkh then you are be-Imaan or vice versa.

So here comes my question!! Are there really good people or bad people in this world? Obviously there are people who are good to me and bad to you but if there are good people or bad people in any absolute sense!! Here I am asking like the way Regan Thompson asked in Birdman movie… if you remember…

You mean Love is absolute!!

Yes! The kind of love that I am talking about, it is absolute!!  ……………..

I loved that scene!!

So same way; the kind of good or bad people I am asking about here, it is good or bad people in that absolute way.

Obviously this much of ‘high’ philosophy all of us have been ‘fed’ with that good and bad is a relative concept.  But unfortunately what I am talking here is cheap philosophy. Like the one Jim Carry wrote that I discussed in the start, “good guys always finish last”. Here, you can note a little sense of absolute good guy*.

Then there is another special category of good people, those who are good hearted one. Jo dil se acche hote hain! Like if you have read

““Except him who brings to Allah a clean heart””

#like that way….

I remember in my CLC days, all of us used to agree on kee ‘Jaat dil se acche hote hain’… Now this kind of dil se accha hona gives another angle to the whole story!! Do these kind of good people also finish last like Jim Carry’s ones do?

Now there is another related concept within this thematic of good and bad people.

Ugly ones!!

Remember Good, Bad and Ugly….. that way…..

Somewhere I read or maybe I heard that Sholay was a copy of Good, Bad and Ugly#. Now, I regard this assertion as one of the most pathetic assertion that I have come across.

but, I think one relation could be that Thakur was good, Jai and Veeru Bad and Gabbar ugly.

Can we call ugly people as evil ones?

Who are these people? Are there people in this world who don’t conceptually understand the value of goodness?

Let me elaborate…..

Can we say that bad people may be bad at ‘personal’ level and they could be really bad, but still they understand or let’s say they have cognitive recognition (and silent appreciation) of goodness, regardless of whether they normatively  accept those standards in their own life or not.

Like Jai and Veeru were “chante hue goonde…”

see!! though they had ability to recognize goodness of Thakur, still they were ready to take him for a ride ((Baaki aaj raat tijoree me jhaadoo marker phhoot challenge … remember??), however they understood goodness of Thakur, they knew the value of goodness. thats why they fought.. #bad wants to be good…#

But Evil people are those people who cannot conceive the value of goodness. Not that they do not know what is good for them, obviously they know that, in fact they can go to any extent to get that, but they do not cognitively recognize good in absolute way.

They are the most dangerous people,  Beware of them !! Example… well!! see Gangs of Wasseypur Part II, entry of Definite!! “In sab me sabse khatrnaak tha Definite!!

Was Definite evil and Faizal bad and what about perpendicular!!

Good Bad or Ugly 🙂

[1] In our own little family intellectual elitism we kadambini people always used to distinguish us from those families who used to read Sarita. Interestingly Caravan, a magazine by same Delhi Press House, is now considered to be meant for intellectuals, I read somewhere its Indian New Yorker

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