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Bataiye aajkal ka ladka log, honey Singh Funneyy Singh ko sunane wala log, sunega ye sab gaana …

He was playing Bahut pyar karte hain from Sajan and just before bahut pyar karte hain, the song was milne kee tum koshish karna, waada kabhi na karna… and I had noticed that he was humming all along, so I just hoped if he be one of those guys who have watched those movies in theater, and thankfully he was.

Usually the songs of Ranchi in public places, like autos, are 90s Bollywood songs or else nagpuria rock music.  But not all these guys who are playing these 90s songs have watched those movies, they have inherited 90s songs like, if people can forgive me for making this absurd comparison, like Beatles is inherited by many young guys around us. 

I love finding those guys who have watched those movies in cinema hall, you can still find many of them in Ranchi who have watched Phool Aur Kaante in cinema hall at the time of its release, or even in re-run (like I watched Phool aur Kaante in a re-run, like in Gangs of Wasseypur, Faizal Khan was watching Trishul in a re-run. However, what is little difficult to find out is someone who has watched Phool aur Kaante in theater and have also watched Ke and Kia in theater, like me. :)

I have more or less maintained a regularity in watching one or two movies in a week in cinema halls, except for a brief period of 2 years of law school times, but not that I stopped watching movies then, but I started watching them on computer, almost every night some of us used to rent a CD for 10 bucks and later a DVD for 30 bucks aur dvd do din tak rakh sakte the. No download those days!! And because of that we actually used to watch movies also, now I know people who have 1000 movies on their laptop but how many have they actually watched!!

Even then, I used to feel little guilty while watching releasing movies on CDs, I swear, I used to feel bad about it, but, then in Bangalore, cinema halls were very far and they were all PVRs, out of reach, No Batra of North Campus jahan 50 rupye me dekh lo, those days local screens in Bangalore used to play kannada movies and not Hindi movies. But then after getting a job in Bangalore, I reverted back to Cinema hall thing, and I remember from Khosla ka Ghosla onwards I have more or less maintained regularity. 

I believe that a whole generation of India stopped watching movies in cinema halls, like a generation retires, same way, people just retired from watching movies in cinema hall like my cab guy about whom I was talking, and he stopped watching movies after Kaho Na Pyar Hain time.  They say ab waisi movie banti nahi hai. That’s true.

I remember watching (on TV) an interview of Ajay Devgan where interviewer asked him if he will again do those kinds of movies, his response was interesting. He said that those days all of us like him, Akshay (Kumar), Sunil (Shetty)  were doing same kind of movies aur wo chal bhi jaati thee, us waqt we used to shoot for four or five movies in a day, we will just walk in for the shoot and sometime shoot in the same jeans that we were wearing...

To a certain extent, it was believed that early 90s were, standard wise, the worst time of Bollywood, and it was more strongly believed when it came to music. I really doubt anyone at the time of release of Phool Aur Kaante would have thought that these songs will be played in autos in 2016 like Kishore Kumar’s songs are played.

But then Kishore Kumar is again liked more by a little high class people, that’s also a bizarre thing in a way because he was not considered “high” class in his own time then, but 90s film music were considered outright trash or at least they were never thought of worthy of becoming classics, they were mass hits, like Saat Samundar Paar, or Tamma Tamma Loge. But now I think they are getting in.

I remember I could not stop laughing when I heard Tamma Tamma song in a Delhi Bar cum Pub cum little space for dancing, I have forgotten name of that place now, but it was in Priya complex Delhi and I am talking about 2008 times, those days when there was no Hauz Khas Village. A small de tour, I again remember an interview of Priya cinema hall owner saying that earlier Priya never used to run Hindi movies, and the first Hindi movie that they ran was DDLJ.  

And if I am not wrong none of the bars in those areas ever used to play Hindi music those days, I think first time I heard Hindi songs little openly in such drinking places of Delhi was with Dev D. Nayan Tarse!!!  Now last time, I saw even Hauz Khas Social playing Bollywood songs. A change!!

But why did I laugh after hearing tamma tamma?
Because first time I got the ‘meaning’ of tamma tamma Loge, if you remember tamma tamma was branded as one of the worst double meaning songs coming from Bollywood, however, I could never understand what was double meaning in tamma tamma, I could get Jumma Chumma was little like that but ‘what was double meaning in tamma tamma!!’ but then😀 I got the ‘meaning’ there, like a flash. 

Another good thing about talking about movies with those people, who have watched them, is sharing of scenes scene. Movies are all about scenes, ye main nahi bolta hoon, I have heard or I guess I have read, Ram Gopal Verma saying this in one of his interviews in Passion for Cinema blog.

Interestingly if you think who has brought this change, departure from those kind of movies about which Ajay Devgan was talking in that interview, a classic example of such movies could be Jaan, that person was Ram Gopal Verma only. I think Shiva was the first realistic movie that I remember watching in cinema hall. Then came Rangheela, a movie jiska praise ye tha ki ek thappad bhi maar nahi hai movie me. Still Rangheela was a big hit, Jackie Shroff ke bawzood maar nahi. And interestingly in that movie, the director (in the movie) was admirer of Steven Spielberg. I remember that character saying in movie, kya Julia Robert kee maa kabhi Speilberg ko aisa pack up bol sakti hai!!

Most of new generation realistic movie auteur of India comes from his factory only. Has he lost it now?

Now coming back to the conversation with cabbie…

So I asked if he remembers interval scenes from some of those movies. My first query was of Maine Pyar Kiya. Well he didn’t. But he guessed more or less right on interval scene of Phool Aur Kaante. And yes he watched those movies like Phool Aur Kaante he remembers watching 18 times. Pehla show dekhe aur phir ticket liye aur phir dekhe.

Does anyone remember those old days poster, shaandaar duswaan saptah  I remember poster of Jaan that was Shandaar 10 waan Saptah in Regent Patna. 

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