A Good Sunday

I haven’t spoken a word since last night, last I spoke was a thank you to the cabbie who dropped me home last night. Usually I don’t speak a single word after 7 o’clock in the evening, and Sunday! I usually I don’t speak at all on Sunday. Like, I haven’t spoken a word since 9 o’clock last night.  And this is my regular life. 

Is this healthy? People ask me how I live like that!! Don’t I feel like sharing things with someone? Am I being unnecessary tough on myself? Am I being insulting to my friends? Do I have no friend?

Not that I don’t have friends, on the contrary, I am a very friendly person, I have more than 1500 friends on facebook, but I don’t think there would be anyone in those 1500 who will feel sort of betrayed reading my this post, because I really doubt anyone of them would count me as his or her friend in a way like he or she will call me to share something immediate.

So is life good this way? I don’t know but it has become a kind of habit and lifestyle for me. And it is not the way it always was. Once upon a time I was the evening adda kind of a guy.

I remember in Delhi student life days when I was living with my brother, we had a sort of pact that if on coming back to our room we saw padlock on the door, then once again we used to go back, the idea was to not to be the first person to open the padlock and enter room.

And just last year when my parents came to live with me, and after ages, I guess 6 years, when I had to ring doorbell, I remember having a conversation with one of my friend laughing that people don’t know how nice it feels to enter your house after opening the padlock.

Now that’s called change!!

However, the question was if it is healthy, if it is good or is it a pathological loneliness.  Whatever it is, I am not complaining, actually, it is kind of fun to live like this. Sometime I feel like living inside a novel.

So now to conclude last time someone saw me in public place and asked if I have come alone? 
Ummm yes!

Don’t you get bored being alone? 

I retorted don’t you think the person in your company may be getting bored of you? Have you ever thought that?

Nobody thinks like that and here comes the most repeated thing I have ever heard “Man! you think too much!! jo relevant nahi bhi hota hai wo bhi soch lete hain aap!! 

Actually sometime I wonder if most of the people around me ever think. Obviously they calculate, they plan, they pursue and most importantly they feel happy and proud of themselves but do they think also!!  Yes they do but not too much! So don’t think too much after reading it!!

Have fun but before that tragedy of the week!! Only releases of this week are Himesh Reshmiya and Global Baba but the review of Global Baba looks good!!



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2 thoughts on “A Good Sunday

  1. This post is so good that I wanted to read more of it. It just got over really fast. Enjoyed reading this one. Really! 🙂 🙂


    1. नैमिषारण्य March 14, 2016 — 8:16 am

      Thankyou thankyou !! 😊


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