Absolutely Good.. No !!

Why it is that dying for the nation has higher value than dying for the religion!! What is the difference between let’s say those IS jihadi who are supposedly dying and killing for the majhab or deen or for daeish or khilafat or Islamic states are terrorists but Russia or US or the whole world who are also killing indiscriminately in the name of their national interests are being presented as the savior of humanity.

Isn’t it true that in last two hundred years more and more people have been enslaved and killed in the name of freedom, enlightenment, national ego, growth and development than in the name of religion? Why can’t I refuse to be enlightened? Why can’t I say that I don’t want mountains of Jharkhand to be exploited for the extraction of bauxite but let me worship The Mountain God so that in His benevolence He may bestow me with a son?

In the end of it neither party will win this ideological battle by logic or discussion, the final victory will side by the side who will have a stronger battalion.  But why is victory so essential? Why can’t I choose to lose this battle?

Correct me if I am wrong but Gandhi was declared senile when he said European Jews should humbly surrender before the nazi soldiers. Why is it better to enslave than to be enslaved.

Why is it that getting up early in the morning at 6 o’clock with the help of a screeching alarm to attend school, then coming back home to do your home work then going to college and then getting a job and then retiring and then dying is seen as freedom.  Is it because here we are choosing to be enslaved?

Are We REALLY Choosing It? I know I am talking anti-life. But what is so special about this life anyway?

All of us will die, whether you like it or not, you will also die, may be you be will die after hanging all of us, after carpeting all of us, may be you will get standing ovation when you will be taken for your cremation but one day all those people who will accompany your janaja they will also die.  All of us will die.

This is the truth. And when you will die, He will be there, waiting for you.

But does that sound convincing?

No it doesn’t sound convincing to me. Because if He is so powerful, He is so almighty then what is it that He is waiting for? What is wrong in intervening now? A super He sitting by close circuit TV waiting for the Day of Judgment doesn’t convince me much.

I think after dying we will be reborn and we will keep on coming back here again and again and again. Sometimes as a ghost, may be as a cat, as a serpent, as a horse, as a tiger, as a mosquito, life will continue.

Continuation of Life is also true; as ultimate a truth as ultimate a truth the inevitability of death is.

So how do we answer those ethical questions that I posed in the beginning paragraph?

This is where I find Geetha a little more convincing. I guess we don’t have any control over the times, place and context of our birth. But we have control over our actions after being born. All of us are born with our dharma that determines our karmas. All of us have certain obligations to fulfill. Fulfilling those obligations with passion but without any sense of attachments is the only way out for liberation.

Is it possible to perform our dharma with passion but without developing an attachment?  No it is not.  It’s tough but it is not impossible. Life of a karmyogi is not easy.

So here is the answer to the question I raised in the first paragraph. Neither party, neither the fighter pilots of Russia nor the jihadists blowing himself out in public is wrong in any absolute sense. It is just the side that they had to take depending on their dharma, which decides their karma.

and the sun will rise tomorrow again and then again and again…
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