Tumhara Gaddar

I remember initiating a cake cutting ceremony after Jehanabad prison break (http://www.rediff.com/news/2005/nov/14bihar.htm) in Law School, Bangalore in 2005 to celebrate this event of prison break.

We pooled money and bought cake from Aishwarya Bakery. We wrote Long Live Jehanabaad on that cake.

Law school those days used to be almost sanitized of “politics”, however almost everyone with whom I shared the idea of celebrating this prison break event, actually my rhetorical point was that “prison break” was a slap on the brutal lawless police institution of this country before whom all of us have felt helpless, almost everyone showed excitement and many people actually came to my room in Cauvery hostel for this cake cutting ceremony.

I don’t know how many of the “co-conspirators” still remember that small event now but we did that.

Was I seditious?

I also remember those days, me and at least few others of my batchmets totally supporting azadi of Kashmir in the classroom. Sometimes I guess we overstressed it just to trouble and anger some of the hard core patriots of our class. But many a time I meant it also. Now I don’t hold the same view but I did hold that view then.

In fact I very vociferously used to say that “India will die its natural death” and I remember, I totally scandalized at least some of them by such assertion.

Now I remember in my Delhi university days, when I was little patriot, one of my “leftist” friend scandalized me by saying that he supported blasting of railway tracks and attacks on police pickets by naxal forces.

He said that “kya hoga agar ye pura railway institution ya police institution barbaad ho jaaye, inke hone se bhi sarvhaara varg ko kya faayda hai?? [What will these sarvhaara varg (peasants, oppressed class) loose even if the whole institution of police or railway collapse today, what use they have for them anyway??]. It was rhetorical and it hit a chord in me.

I think society was little more tolerant those days. Good or bad, but it was little more tolerant.

Bharat kee Barbaadi tak!! Jung rahegi!! jung rahegi!!

Tum kitme yakub maaroge!! har ghar se yakub niklega !!

Afzal  tere armaano ko, hum manzil tak panhuchaayenge !!

Yehee naare the na?? and yes Pakistan Zindabad!!

What is Bharat?? Can we ask this question? Or asking this question is also seditious now??

Is the vision of Bharat only expressed in the form of Bharat Maata? I totally respect Her, but many patriots may find this whole idea of Bharat Mata little resembling to Devi Durgha, totally abhorrent and communal, can they say so??

Is not bowing down to Bharat Mata a conclusive sign of being a gaddar?

I don’t have the book right now with me, neither am I any admirer of Pankaj Mishra, but in one of his books (The Ruins of Empire) he discusses how Tagore was booed down in Japan when he propagated that the value of humanity is higher than the value of nationalism.

I remember Atal jee promising solution to Kashmir problem within the ambit of humanity, insaaniyat ke daayre mein (http://www.greaterkashmir.com/news/opinion/meeting-is-good/158909.html)

What did he mean by insaniyat ka daayra??  kya insaniyat ka daayra desh ke daayre se bada ho sakta hai?  Atal jee bhi gaddar hain kya??

I think we are missing one point in these debates that many people may not agree with this whole idea of Indian nation, or this nationalist world as it exist today.  They may really wish for dissolution of Indian nation to begin with.

“India conquered and dominated China culturally for 20 centuries without ever having to send a single soldier across her border.“http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/opinion/2014-09/16/content_18608745.htm

And then those days there were no Indian nation. Not sure but can we say that it was in probability “balkanized” also then.

What it is that nationalist are scaring us from? That we will be enslaved again, ohh this paranoia!!

May be you were enslaved then; maybe you are enslaved even now and may be you always will be.

Unfortunately some of us were never enslaved, and a tiny minuscule of them may wonder how something named after Raja Bharat became Bharat Mata.

and yes last, even Sunny paajee said Pakistan Zindabaad in Gadar 🙂

Taken with Lumia Selfie
तेरा ये घमंड आज मेरे सामने चूर चूर हो गया, देख तेरे मस्जिद में आज एक बुत खड़ा हो गया। तेरे नाले को आज जब मैं अपने लब पे लाता हूँ, तो क्यों नहीं आसमान में किसी सितारे को मैं देख पाता हूँ।।
















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1 thought on “Tumhara Gaddar

  1. Mitra,
    But you should also remember what sunny paji did when he was told to say hindustan murdabad…#*%#


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