A Train Post

I hope in next half an hour my train will reach Anand Vihar Terminal…No more Bihar bound train enters Delhi (old or new) station, except Rajdhani I guess.

Train is hopelessly late, or is it?? six or seven hours late are not that late !!  I have been on one day late trains also.

Ok so to kill time and to make some quick updates I write this post.

Have you noticed how undisciplined and brattish almost all middle class kids/babies have become !!

And how choosy these small babies are about their food. Ek humlog the shayad 80s ya 90s waale, kuch bhi khaa sakte the!!

Earlier there used to be one or two kids who will be this choosey, jinko unki maa tota maina bana ke khilaatee thee, aur humlog hanste the un baccho pe… Now I see  almost everyone is eating tota maina style….

It seems feeding them is the only occupation of their mothers and children are the most VIP people in their life.

And now I remember reading a story of Premchand, where Premchand talked about child psychology, He was talking about an old maali, who according to Premchand, was a master of child psychology and kaise wo baccho se koi bhi kaam karwa leta tha…(baccho se kaam karwaana asaan nahi hota hai..)

And these days bacche kaam karte bhi nahi hai !!

Recently I scandalised everyone around me when I asked a random kid in a marriage party to vacate chair for me (after I took my Buffet food!!) and asked him to fetch a glass of water for me. Aur baccha by the way le aaya.. I kow child psychology 😃

Humlogon ko to koi bhi bada order de deta tha…

Coming back to Premchand, if  anyone of you have read that piece, it was a kind of biographical account, where Premchand and his elder brother stole some money (1 buck ??) from home and loafed around the village whole day. Obviously they were caught because I remember, his elder brother has reached home before Premchand reached and when he came home, he saw his elder brother was tied around a pillar.

The moment his father spotted Premchand, he got up to catch hold of him, but shayad usi samay uski maa ya bua came and I remember what Premchand wrote there… He wrote…

Bacche bahudha aise mauko pe machal jaate hain aur maar kha jaate hain…


I think aajkal bacche utna pit nahi rahen hain?? Kya??

Russel Peter is going to run out of his jokes very soon.

I saw none of these kids, obviously those who can read, reading comics!! For us, one of the major attractions of train journey was about buying latest comics in Railway stations.

All of them are only reading smart phones and they are reading those horrible WhatsApp forwards…

Playing music and videos that’s all…

I think reading comics, when you are kid, enhances you attention span.. These guys have very short attention span for almost anything…

And yes coming back to food, now I think I am understanding why people have so many issues with mess food !!

So far I remember, in my little experience, hamare time me mess committee me log sirf paise banane ke liye heen interested hote the !! Ok I will expand on this one later.

OK hopefully ten more minutes then I see this Israeli street after I guess after 8 years… Does it still look same ??


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2 thoughts on “A Train Post

  1. Today’s kids are given excessive liberty. From the day they are born, instead of handing down rattles ,we hand down smart phones in their hands. Also, parents want to fulfill each and every need of child that they themselves were deprived of in childhood or couldn’t get access to due to poor financial situation. Maybe, we need to reinforce the concept of less is more and is sufficient to keep us happy, or else the future generation will remain demanding and never learn to acclimatize .


  2. नैमिषारण्य January 8, 2018 — 2:59 am

    Thank you reading …


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