…paise utha ke haanth me do..

There is this very short scene in this recent Dilwale movie that I am sure almost everyone would have missed but as always it struck me.  That was when that heroine comes to meet Varun Dhawan in his house or garage, and asked him innocently “tum yahan mechanic ho”… Varun immediately snapped her saying “aare nahin maalik hoon yahan ka…” Remember??

Remember first movie of Shahrukh Khan, Deewana, Shahrukh Khan, Raja, was  son of a big industrialist, Ramakant Sahay (played by Duleep Tahil), Shahrukh’s entry scene, immediately after Koi na Koi Chahiye* song, “police Ramakant Sahay ke bête ka kya bigaad legi!!…” But Shahrukh in that movie showed a kind of disdain for his father’s wealth, name and fame without showing any specific reason behind it[1], like Ajay Devgan in Phool aur Kaante movie hated his Mafia Don father because he believed that his father was responsible for his mother’s death. But here Shahrukh just hates wealth.

There was a time in Bollywood when being poor was a virtue, there was heroism, a kind of machismo in being poor. That’s gone long time ago.

When was the last time you saw a regular poor guy being a “Hero” in the mainstream Bollywood movie.  I don’t remember any.

Is it possible to make a Raja Hindustani now??

I remember listening to a kind of Ted talk of Dibakar Banerji, in Passion for Cinema blog, that was a really good website but it suddenly disappeared, so this talk came immediately after release of Oye Lucky Lucky Oye,  a very nice talk, I am trying dig it out but so far I haven’t been able to, now in that talk somebody brought this thing to Dibakar Banerjee that Oye Lucky was a movie after a long time (guess more than a decade ) where someone from lower middle class family was shown in the lead role, but again Lucky of Oye Lucky wasn’t hero like Hero of Hero (aka Jackie Shroff) or Taangewaala of Mard (Amitabh Bacchan)

I remember seeing an interview of Javed Akhtar, I think it came on DD, really old times, where Javed Akhtar was saying that how singing voice of Bollywood changed, like Mukesh and Mohd. Rafi wagerah were little rural voice but Kishore Kumar was urban. How is playback voice now??

If you watched movies of 70s and 80s one of the regular theme was hero protecting  jhuggi Jhopdi from big industrialists, Mithun of Disco Dancer (even when he was a big star in that movie) did that, Amitabh in Shenshah did that, Sunny Deol in Yoddha did that.

Do you remember when you saw such scene last time in Bollywood? Hero standing on the side of jhuggiwalas fighting against the whole machinery, even when the other side has governmental order to demolish that jhuggi.

When Raja Hindustani movie came, we ridiculed that movie, by then, we were already introduced to realistic movies of Hollywood, how is it ever possible for such rich girl to fall in love with a taxi driver!! But the movie was a big hit. People went out and watched that movie.  Middle class people went out and watched that movie, but I think time has already changed.

We already had Dilwaale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge and everything has changed.  Zamana of “realistic” love story has entered Bollywood. Next was Dil to Pagal Hai, sealing it. Before that rich Salman fell in love with poor Bhagyashree (Maine Pyar Kiya), after that he again fell in love with a sex worker in Baaghi.

I think only aberration was Rangeela of Amir Khan where a movie star married a ticket balck karne waale se…

Did Amir sound confident (in Rangeela) when Jackie asked him “what do you do…” he said “black karta hoon, wo cinema hall ke bahar ticket black karta hoon ….”

I think his voice was little shaking…  I saw a little embarrassment in his voice.  He was definitely not as confident as that baccha Amitabh of Deewar

sahib main boot polish karta hoon koi bheekh nahi maangta ..paise utha ke haanth me do..

So now I remember another movie of Amir, Dhobi Ghat.  Imagine if dhobi (Raj Babbar’s son played that role) of Dhobi Ghat was Munna of Rangeela, do you think he could have got that girl??

[1]  see at 1:31:00 here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2L_KCjxzXQ]

Rang De Basanti !!
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