Tulsidas The Rockstar

Is there a relationship between sadness and creativity, especially writing poetry, say music or I will say songs.

I read in Aatish Taseer’s novel, “The way Things Were”, that the English word song comes from Sanskrit word shloka that again comes from word shoka that means dukh, sorrow.

I don’t know if you know that the first shloka that Adikavi Valmiki said (wrote) was directly inspired by a sad sight that he was witness to. The first shloka comes when Adikavi saw a vyadh, a hunter, actually in Sanskrit and also in popular Hindi, I guess in Urdu too, there is a specific word for the hunter of birds, that’s baheliya,  saiyyad in urdu (हूँ गिरफतारे-उल्फते-सैय्याद नही तो बाकी है ताकते-परवाज़), so the first shloka comes when Valmiki saw a vyadh killing the male partner of a couple of hansa bird ( हंस) when they were copulating. As the story goes, seeing the shok of female hansa, Valmiki wrote his first shloka. It is also considered to be first shloka in Sanskrit.

मा निषाद प्रतिष्ठां त्वमगमः शाश्वतीः समाः। यत्क्रौंचमिथुनादेकम् अवधीः काममोहितम्॥ *

Remember Rockstar movie (one of the most under rated movies), in that movie also you have this track that it is necessary to be heartbroken to become a true artist. It was necessary for Ranbir, if he wanted to become a true rockstar, that he must be heartbroken. kyonki jhankar to wahi se aati hai.

Who do you think is the greatest poet of all time or let’s say of last 500 years. In my eyes if we see it secularly, he has to be Tulsidas.

I don’t know of any other writer whose work is still so much in vogue as much his works are. The shlokas or songs or say verses that he wrote are still sung every day, I believe at every minute someone is singing the rhymes he wrote more than four hundred years ago. Four hundred years!!

I don’t think any other rachna of any other author is still being read so many times with so much of devotion as is the case with Tulsidas. And I am not talking about only “class”, or devoted lover of arts and poetry but common people. And almost everyone knows who wrote it.

If you see secularly Hanuman Chalisa is the most read poetry even after 4 century of its creation. And you must note that Tulsidas’s works, though they are considered to be religious, they are not divine dictation like Testaments or Holy Quran, they are human creation.

What is most noteworthy about Hanuman Chalisa is that not a single Persian root word is used in the whole work even when it was written at the peak of Moughal Empire, at the heart of its center. I hope you know Tulsidas was contemporary of Akbar.

And I believe his works circulated among masses without any state patronage. He is obviously a mass authour.

See his nawami shamisha niravan roopam, a stuti of Lord Shiva, and compare it with Brahminical Ravans’s creation Jata Tavi gala jwala prawah….

All of you who have lived experience of humming both these songs (shlokas, remember!!) I would love to know your take on it.

I think nawami shamisha niravan roopam has a very sober tone. I have heard it most of the time people singing it while taking bath. Remember Dharam Movie, Pankaj Kapoor will sing this song while going to take bath.

This is probably the number one bathroom songs, whereas Jata Tavi gala jwala prawah is powerful, full of brahminical anger, passion and strength. It’s definitely not meant for bathroom singing.

Now you see Tulsidas became Tulsidas only when he was humiliated by his wife. I am sure you know the story. But what about Ravana!! Was he also a jilted lover? I am sure out of 3000 versions of Ramayana, one must have discussed this angle.

So far I remember, Ravana didn’t even touch Sita after kidnapping her. Was this abduction a Tere Naam ( a.k.a Salman Khan) kind of abduction!!

Now how to conclude? I say there is no climax; climax comes wherever you stop # writing. I stop here.


  • you will find no rest for the long years of EternityFor you killed a bird in love and unsuspecting (from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valmiki)
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2 thoughts on “Tulsidas The Rockstar

  1. I loved every word of this article. I always admire you and the way you think & live and teach us to go with the flow. I have seen many people, almost all are hypocrite, what they say and what they do are totally different. I know just few who are what they think, say and do, you are one of them.

    Lucky to have teacher like you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. wow !! how do i say thank you.. ok i just say that “thank you” 🙂 and get you drunk next time i see you.. 😀


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