For you, with love

One day both of us will read it together. We will sit side by side and I will make you read this one. May be you are reading it now. Are you?

I know you don’t know me now. Neither do I. But wherever you are, I know you are waiting for me, like I am waiting for you.

Like me, I know you also would have made many mistakes. Like me, you also would have had many regrets. But the day we meet, we will forget all those mistakes. All those regrets, we will celebrate.

We wont be a compromise for each others like them. Like even in our past, we never made compromises, yes, we made few strategic halt. I made and I know, you also would have had to make them. How much are we going to laugh talking about those halts.

In fact so much I want to meet you, not because I want to laugh, I can laugh whenever I want to. God has given me that “sense” in abundance.

I want to meet you so that I can cry. We will fill up each others void. We will celebrate each others lacks. We will laugh at each others, we will laugh with each others and most importantly we will talk to each others.

It has been ages I cried. That’s true! Yes I stopped crying long long time back and I know I will cry and I will cry a lot when I will see you first.

My eyes are welling up for long time. But tears wouldn’t roll down just like that. It requires your touch. Its waiting for your command to fall down. This flood will clear all the mud in which we are soaked now. This cry will be a happy cry.

Do you imagine how much we have to talk. I know we had to meet late again in this birth also, so that we meet again in our next birth to catch up for what we lost in this birth. Just like it happened last time and this is how it continues.

I know I have been trying to see you in every other person, I have done everything to believe that she was you but you were not there and I knew it from the very start but still the faith that we are fate kept me pushing to find you out.

Didn’t you also try looking for me in everyone. Did you find me? No, I know you also haven’t found me. But did you lose faith in your fate. No! Did we become evil, desperate and compromised. No. Only because we have faith in our fate.

I know all of you reading it must be thinking that I am childish. There is no such thing called her. But I don’t agree. I am in love with her and I know she too is in love with me that’s why she is still not yours, neither am I yours.

your private moon for you


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