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अब देखिए आज की बात। कहाँ से शुरू करु !!  शुरुआत वहीं से जैसा हर दिन। फोन चेक करो कि अब क्या किए कल रात !!

सब okay !! 😃
Invigilation job !! Got up early. So no Ola today. Morning drink and then pretty smooth auto ride to kaanke chowk.
The regular two bananas for breakfast. Then just ahead Mishra jee exam dept spotted me so got lifted to campus.

Now a thought !
See, I said I reached campus like, if you remember in Five Point Something they were calling insti building?? Or like Campus Law Centre, at least in our group, people used to say faculty jaa raha hoon  or NLS me log usually law school bolte the

Yahan log kya bolte hain ?? College?? Campus?? Law university is otherwise the local popular name, however recently someone told me that people are now calling it Kanke Law College 😃
Exams are going on and I love invigilation duty. In fact I am loving it since my Amity days.

I immediately fell in love with it, the moment I was told that I will be getting RS 250 hard cash! for walking around a room for three hours!! Who wouldn’t Love it!! Life in Amity time was best. In Amity Law School, DELHI, Delhi is important here, if you already don’t know why is Delhi important, it will take me another blog to explain it 😊.

So at least in the first two years of my Amity times, End Term exam, I think the popular word for this three hour ritualistic sanskar, Annual Exam was External, so the ‘center’ for this External used to be GGSIP university campus and I used to love that one month phase.

And why not ??  you don’t have to go to Noida, I had a permanent residential adda in North campus and GGSIP university was Kashmiri Gate Metro station!!

So if you do both bela you get 500 bucks!! I am talking about 2008-9 times and that was obviously in addition to your regular salary. one semester I was waiting for this to start and then I fracture my feet.

I count my this fracture as one of the greatest calamities of my life. I fractured it just a day before exam was going to begin !! I cried. I was waiting for it to start and then just the night before I fractured it in a freak fall in Rajeev Chowk Metro stair!!

And from next semester onward, I think Amity’s Center changed.  No more GGSIP!! No more invigilation jobs. No more five hundreds.

And invigilation job is a very interesting job. Its obviously one of the best site for observation for a social voyeur like me. Its a mine field. 😃 Examination halls are, I think, one of the most regular heterotopia that we come across.

I observed that wearing watch is no more that cool, out of fashion is it??… Unless if you are wearing designer watch.

I believe a whole generation of youth has worn their first watch while writing their class 10th board exam. But now I really see very few people wearing watches.

Time is no more tied in our hands now its on mobile mode.

Then I also observed varieties available in the footwear design. In an examination hall, no two people wear exactly identical foot wears. Its very difficult, in fact, to find two people wearing identical foot wear in any publkic place. observe next time!!

Then confirmation like no two people hold pen in a similar way.

Then I like making announcements in the examination hall. I love penetrating the silence of examination hall with my sonorous voice. 😃 In fact I noticed this fading away fashion of wearing watches only when I saw almost regularly students will ask ..

Sir How much time is left ??

26 minutes I will say. exact amount of time I used to tell and not rough estimates like half an hour or simply tell him time 12:37 and leave counting on him….

Actually when first time someone asked me Sir how much is left I actually counted time and told her. Was I stoned? but this practice stuck.
And in national law school system, since the questions are set by teachers teaching the course, sometimes there is a possibility of announcing

Attention Students of this semester year, there is a slight change in the question paper…
In school whenever such announcements were made, I used to pray 🙏 hey bhagwan kaash ye question cancel ho jaaye aur kabhi kabhi hota bhi tha.

Since in some of the schools (I have studied in eight schools and almost all kinds) the exam question papers used to come from outside ( Verma press was a famous name) and sometime the portion that was not yet covered in the class wo aa jaate the exam me. Therefore change…
Some people just love arousing that expectation that questions will be changed. I knew of a colleague who will intentionally make some mistakes so that he can make such announcement…Attention Semester V…

After a long detour, lets come to the day again…

Saturday evening !! I am at cinema 🎦 hall. Usually a single ticket is always available. So got ticket of Dilwale.
A three star movie. Its good in parts, in some scene. Nothing remarkable just that SRK shows his star element but Kajole I am not sure, I never liked Kajol anyway, I was always Karishma fans.

Then I met this interesting Ola Cab Driver and I had an interesting conversation there. He asked me which movie I watched, I told him Dilwale he said Bajirao is better as people told him. I said I saw Bajirao yesterday, he was impressed 😊

I said dono ek jaise hain 3 star.

Then he told me he watches only Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies are bakwas, just love and songs that’s all….and he watches them with his family. I confirmed, he meant Hindi dub.

In Ranchi they usually run Hindi shows of Hollywood so he watched The fast and Furious, Jurassic Park, all these kinds that keep on coming here. Spectre, he missed. He said he loved watching movies in multiplex, his favorite was Eyelex here.

So I asked him if he was always watching movies. He said

kahan pehle dekhte!! Sujata me cinema,  wahan machli maar ke, sabji bech ke, rickshaw chala ke aadmi bhi aapke bagal me baitha hota, Multiplex me these problems are not there.


So then I asked him so pehle cinema nahi dekhte the?? bola dekhte the

Aakhiri kaun yaad hai purane zamane wala

Kahan yaad hai ab then he said Mohra

Then I asked him maza zyada kab aata tha dekhne me Multiplex me ya Sujata time me. He said obviously Sujata time me…

The clapping the whistling, aur ticket ke liye maar, belt chal gaya !!

He remembered Mohra because wahan laathi charge ho gaya tha

Remember there was this scene in that First Zoya Akhtar movie, Luck by Chance that scene, where Sanjay Kapoor says

Bhayya Jabalpur ke advance ke line me chaaku chal gaye, ek aadmi ka to murder heen ho gaya…. *

cheers to that cheers to that.. 

So further I asked him those days when he used to watch cinema in Sujata then

kya ghar me bol ke jaate the ya bhag ke ??  Matlab kya ghar me cinema dekhne ka mahaoul tha…

If it was allowed and all…
Obviously not!! So I asked him if he ever watched any movie with his own parents in cinema hall.
He said yes only once.  Hee remembers that he watched that movie in Ratan Talkies, only one movie I watched with my family. ..  First we saw circus and then this cinema…

I am missing the name of the movie. I think he remembered name. it was an interesting movie. but i have lost the name.  however…
See the sea change in our social life…
He couldn’t even tell his father that he is going to watch movies and now he takes his own daughters to movies and that also… English movies!

A Dancer's Fracture
A Dancer’s Fracture


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