….और उसका कोई दोस्त भी नही है।

I remember reading a kind of essays or whatever you call these kind of writings, a लेख may be, in Hindi text book of my school or college time. Now, I don’t remember title or the name of the writer, or other details of that lekh but I remember clearly the way that essay began.

Lekh began with a description. Description of a passionate cry or emotional appeal of a man who was standing alone in the street and was crying out loudly to anyone who will bother to listen to him that he has lost his money, lost his family and he is new in this town, aur uska koi dost bhi nahi hai.और उसका कोई दोस्त भी नही है। Writer stretched that lekh further by bringing our attention to the last thing that that guy kept on repeating that aur uska koi dost bhi nahi hai. 

This aspect, writer found, was rather little amusing.

The writer wondered how not having any friend is a bad thing!! He agree that losing family is, or, not having any money is, OK!! a bad thing, but how come not having any friend is a bad thing in itself!!

In fact in that essay then writer goes on ranting about how his friends have been emotionally exploiting him and disturbing his otherwise productive life. I can’t really picture now what exactly was the seekh सीख (lesson) of that essay, may be it was on how to be a good  friend !!

However, this essay is not a seekh kind of stuff, there is no seekh in this lekh, it is just, like my all other blog-posts just another pathetic attempt towards self indulgence in addition to an exhibition of my bad language!!

People usually ask me this question that how do I live without any friend, all alone!!  Apparently I think it does appear that I do live mostly all alone without any friend !!

Some regular wonderment are like how do I watch movies alone!! Or how do I eat alone!!

Well I do! If it doesn’t sound obscene (or pathological), then more than 90 percent of the movies that I have watched in theatres, I guess, I have watched them all alone!!

Actually I have been doing this since my Delhi days. Before I went to Delhi, back home, we brothers used to watch movies together. but from Delhi days onward continuing, every weekend I simply go to the cinema hall, buy my ticket, watch the current show and come back home! I don’t know why but many people find that amusing.

People do ask me how can I watch movies all alone in cinema halls!!

I have actually had people telling me that they really wanted to watch that movie but koi saath jaane wala nahi mila…. Or I have eavesdrop people asking each others … Chaliyega sir acchi movie hai…. aare chaliye !! 

I remember having a friend who told me that she and her boyfriend  used to laugh on those guys who used to come alone to the theatre to watch movies. On the contrary, I hate those people who come in groups. Especially group waalae dost, for them, watching cinema in cinema hall is in itself a huge excitement!!

Some of them lose their nerves in this excitement. They will miss some scene (how!!!) or simply they couldn’t understand what happened.

Imagine !!

They will be like…Kya hua kya hua … Samajh me nahi aaya !!

Wah!! kitne nadan hai aap!!

And in their group, they will always have that smart fellow, who is always helpful, and he will start telling them ki kya hua tha …

But I guess still watching cinema in cinema hall is a big thing for many people and then imagine watching cinema in cinema hall all alone is definitely a little curious thing for them…

I suspect that people when they observe that I watch cinema alone in cinema hall, I feel like being observed like I drink alone !! So see I am comparing drinking and watching cinema.

Is drinking still a vice? Not alcoholic way or health point of view, but as a kind of vice, if that’s the correct word !! Something more serious and repulsive than merely a bad habit.

I remember watching an interview of Jitendra on TV in those old DD days, where Jitendra was talking about changing times, where he remembers that how when his father had to drink, windows were closed ki logo ko pata nahi chalna chahiye …

that way vice !! May be an inchoate vice !!

I think once upon a time drinking tea was also one of this kind of vices. Now I think drinking, more or less, is largely taken as bad a vice as once upon a time drinking tea was considered to be.

Recently and very recently, I heard an old gentleman telling me that aajkal whiskey sab log peeta hai, ab isko koi bada baat nahi maanta hai…

Am I right??

Or may be its position in social values is still as bad as watching movie once upon a time was??

Again! Am I going too far when I am saying once upon a time!!  Like sure I am with you if I say once upon a time with respect to drinking tea being a vice. But movies ??

Is watching movies still a vice !! Like reading novels??

I believe that I did scandalise some of my students when I asked them to watch one movie everyday. and I gave them that advice when they asked me sir!! how to improve English. I asked them to watch English movies.

Now what about watching English movies!! The whole idea of angrezi cinema.

Anyway coming back to how do I do things alone. see like Lunch. I usually eat lunch in university mess. I hardly ever see anyone eating lunch alone. in fact among my colleague oir even students, I see them wandering if they ever happen to be alone, Sir!! aap kha liye,  koi mil nahi raha hai saath chalne waala.

travelling alone to khair adventure heen hai duniya me abhi, kam se kam meri duniya me logon ke liye. and i am here not talking about travelling alone like big holiday kind of travel alone, regular inside city me ghumne type me bhi…

now I remember a good story  here…

It was my very early days of Delhi times. I met one of my best friend here. I took a DTC bus, mudrika, ring road service, I turned back and I saw a class-mate, it was first or second day of college, sitting behind me. Smile exchanged… then he asked me where am I going to??

I mustered courage and told him the truth!!

Nowhere!! Aise heen… kahin jaana waana nahi hai…

And then he laughed and said that wo bhi ….

and we became friend….  😃

The Israeli Street, Paharganj

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4 thoughts on “….और उसका कोई दोस्त भी नही है।

  1. Beautifully written and I liked the combination of languages in this lekh if I may call it so.

    Not having a friend, a like minded one is indeed a loss as we human beings like company. There have been instances when i have wanted to go for a movie and jus coz i didnt have company, have missed out on those movies. And any other ocassions when I have gone by myself have waited for the lights to dim so that people dont think ye akeli ladki theatre mein kya kar rahi hain..


  2. thank you.. 🙂


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