A poetic prose on relative advantages of poetry

What is so good about being a poet, if at all, there is anything good about being a poet? I believe that the best thing about being a poet is that one can write pointlessly and meaninglessly, provided one writes beautifully.

A prose writing, for it to be readable, it must make some sense, must have some meaning, it requires a sort of conformity. There is nothing like beautiful meaningless prose, unless obviously it is outright philosophy. Whereas, there could be meaningless poetic writing, provided it carries within it, a little rhythm.

Poetry also liberates ones from the oppressive clutches of grammar. Obviously grammar is important. Unless we have some basic grammar, we cannot make meaningful sentences. But where do the basic grammar cease to be basic? Gestapo of the world! Does it end with does? Is wrong use of does a legitimate game for our Gestapo?

Can we do away with does and do? Is it possible to drop the difference between does and do except in some poetic aesthetic sense, lets say like authors using it as a matter of personal choice, like now writing colour or color, is a matter of aesthetic choice. What about shall and will?

When a teacher in my school observed that it is easier to write poetry than writing prose, I really did not agree with him then. Now I guess I concur. Obviously I have something to add.

I think it is tougher to write a good essay or prose, and it’s kind of easier to express poetically. But can serious writing be done in poetry?

South Asia had a tradition of serious poetic writing. Mahabharata, including Geetha or Ramayana or many Puranas are actually for most of its parts poetry. Have you read anything of serious kind, an expression of philosophical thoughts, in poetic forms in recent time?

I think one of the major reasons behind over-dominance of Bollywood music in music industry in India is because of the song tradition of Bollywood. Poetry!! We like songs. And poetry is the essence of a song. Or, maybe no!!

It was really surprising for me to know that in Bollywood,you first make the music then a lyricist is asked to write a lyric around the music. I believe Jai Ho was composed in the same fashion. Even Geet Gaata Hoon Main, a song having really nice bol (lyric), written by Dev Kohli, was also composed in the similar fashion.

In fact I got to know about this system, (culture??) from an interview of Dev Kohli only. In fact, while narrating about this fashion, he said that when he got to know about this, he was also surprised that kaise karte hain?? But he picked up the trade. I guess that song, geet gaata hoon main, was his first such lyric.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”
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